Design Pak© Rental Agreement


ALL DESIGN PAKS REMAIN THE COPYRIGHT-PROTECTED PROPERTY OF SCENOGRAPHICS. While in the temporary possession of your organization, nobody is permitted to copy any portion of a Design Pak without the express consent of ScenoGraphics. No component of a Design Pak, nor any scenery built from a ScenoGraphics Design Pak, may be given, lent, leased, rented, or sold for reuse by any other individual or organization without the written express permission of ScenoGraphics. Such copyright infringement is a federal crime. All orders must be signed by an authorized adult to be valid. 

Design Paks are rented for a specified period: from the date of your order until two weeks after your last performance. A Design Pak kept beyond the date stipulated on your invoice will be deemed re-rented, and a second rental fee is then due. All parts of Design Pak must be returned. (NOTE: The blueprints are working drawings - if you rent them, you may write on them.) The lessee agrees to pay shipping charges. A return shipping label is included on all orders shipped within the United States. 

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. You may cancel a Design Pak rental (owing only shipping & handling) if you ship it back within four days of receipt. Please inform ScenoGraphics about the return via email or call. Any Design Pak kept longer than four days, without special permission having been granted by us, is deemed rented. An organization can peruse no more than twice in a row without explicit consent; the third Pak will be non-refundable. Any portion missing from a canceled Design Pak constitutes usage, as does returning a Design Pak in damaged condition.

There are no warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the description of the product contained in this lease contract. Lessee hereby agrees that the liability of ScenoGraphics hereunder shall in no event exceed the lease price of this lease contract. Lessee hereby releases ScenoGraphics, its employees, officers, agents, and their respective heirs, personal representatives and assigns (the “ScenoGraphics parties”) from any and all liability whether foreseen or unforeseen arising from this lease contract and the products and materials furnished hereunder. Further, the Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ScenoGraphics and the ScenoGraphics parties from any and all claims, suits, liability and actions arising hereunder.