Q: "How long does it take to process an order before it ships?"

A: Design Paks will be sent out either the same or next-day from when we receive an order (online purchase or order form), with a vast majority able to go out day-of. Generally, ordering by 3pm EST will give enough time to get the Pak out that day.


Q: "Can I make changes to these plans, or do I need to build them exactly as they are detailed?"

A: Our Design Paks are built to be a helpful tool for those putting on a production. Please use these plans in whichever way is most helpful, whether that means following them exactly or using them as a jumping off point! Even if you use the blueprints as a springboard for your design, the having foundational measurements and instruction provided will save you a tremendous amount of time.  


Q: "Why do some pictures of the built sets differ from the drawings?"

A: When leasing our plans, you are allowed to make any changes you desire. Thus, some of the pictures of built set may include design changes made by the school to make the set fit their stage or production vision. We only post pictures that have a very strong likeness to the plans you'll receive, but there may be some discrepancies. 


Q: "We only get into our venue a few weeks before opening night; can I build most of the set elsewhere and assemble the pieces upon arrival?"

A: Yes, you can! Blueprints have the pieces divided out into individual flats and platforms. Even the bigger pieces can be built in smaller parts and assembled on location. Please note that a moving truck may necessary for transportation of some larger pieces.  If you have questions about a particular set, please reach out. 


Q: "How do I return my Design Pak?"

A: Pack all the pieces (all blueprints, pictures, materials list, and the ScenoGraphics Building Manual) back into the tube, or another package, and ship them back to 723 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids MI 49507. Paks can be shipped back using Media Mail. Paks should be shipped back within two weeks from closing night.