Corey Jr.'s House "Back to the 80's" musical set, ScenoGraphics design. Rent Design Pak© to build yourself! DIY Sets, guide to building, high school, college, community theater. Play.

Back to the 80's Design Pak©

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The designs for this Pak© are a unit set with stairways up to a second level. On each side of the stationary unit there are revolves making scene changes (ex. Corey's bedroom, Eileen's locker, the party scene, etc.) quick and easy. Included are the plans to build:

  • The Car
  • Functional Lockers (for Eileen's locker)
  • Bleachers
  • and more!

There is a spot for the band upstage center. All Design Paks© can built to suits by changing the colors or any other piece of our designs.

Design by Mark Koski.


All Design Paks© are leased and include: 

  1. The technical blueprints & how-to instructions for building
  2. Colored renderings of the set pieces
  3. The ScenoGraphics Building Manual (covering building and material basics)
  4. A materials list  

Design Paks© are due back two weeks after a show’s closing.