Shenandoah Design Pak©

Shenandoah Design Pak©

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This set features thirteen tiered platforms which remain static for the entire show. Pieces are added to create scenes including:

  • Anderson House
  • Country road
  • Church
  • Design by Helper
  • Farmyard
  • Front porch 
  • Parlor
  • Bedroom
  • Wooded area near railroad
  • The clearing in woods

All Design Paks© are leased and include: 

  1. The technical blueprints & how-to instructions for building
  2. Colored renderings of the set pieces
  3. The ScenoGraphics Building Manual (covering building and material basics)
  4. A materials list  
  5. A return label emailed to you

Design Paks© are due back two weeks after a show’s closing. Return shipping is included and you will receive an email with a return label when your order is fulfilled.